About John Flanagan, proprietor of Black Sheep Foto:

It must be genetics. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago I learned of my real father’s passion for photography. Though I never met him, my family told me of the similarities, shocking as they can be. My Uncle had a present for me on that day...my Father’s camera.

I was born an analytical self-teacher, a critic, and a perfectionist in its most bizarre category. And through this passion I have found my creative identity in capturing something, anything, in a moment of time, and having an anchor of focus to the scene. The average beauty or intriguing sight the eye is drawn to in a captured shot is a fundamental I strive to surpass. My style is contemporary and candid and I focus on capturing everyone's individuality and uniqueness with a few hints of action and dramatic composure thrown in for good measure. In my commercial capacity, there is no exception to the rule that the client must get what they ask for, if not more, but never less. You will find me a collaborator, an objective partner.

The common phrase, “Life is what happens when your not looking”, that same miraculous accident, or unintentional occurrence in life I relate to my work, it's those shots in between the planned ones that tell the story, that’s what shows a glimpse of the subject to its true humanity. Capturing the identity of an image is what continues to return me to my place, behind the lens.

My career goal is sincere: Deliver exceptional and lasting images, whatever the purpose.
My motto is simple….”Stand out.”

Black Sheep Photography offers numerous photographic and print services to fulfill many individual and business oriented needs.

Pricing is subject to project/shoot requirements and billed either at an hourly/day rate, per image price, or a hybrid of both depending on your needs. I will work with you to determine the most efficient and cost effective means of producing spectacular, repeatable results within your budget and time frame.

Types of services offered:

  • Cutting Edge Individual and Group Portraiture (many styles to choose from)
  • Glamour/Fashion/Boudoir/High Art
  • Product and Commercial Shots (objects of any size, numerous studio locations are available to accommodate large subjects)
  • Event and Party Photography (standard, journalistic, photo booth, etc)
  • Architectural and Landscape
  • Pet photography
  • Artwork digitization and archiving (paintings/drawings/sculpture/mixed media)
  • Printing services (prints, posters, books, etc)
  • Photo correction, retouching (Photoshop)

Call or email today to discuss your project needs and to receive a custom quote.